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You might say to yourself "I have already uploaded a photo of myself with a total station setup, can I get credit for that?"  Yes you can.  If it is relevant to the mission, you can simply go back to that photo on the network and edit it in accordance to the rules of the mission.


Where do I submit my evidence of completing Level One of Land Surveyors University?  Visit this page within the Level One Group and simply fill out the form.


I read the way that points work in Land Surveyors University and I don't have a camera, but my crew mate can vouch for my completion of Level One. However, he is not yet a member of can he vouch for me?

If you invite your crewmate to Land Surveyors United and he vouches for you, you'll not only get points for the vouch, you'll also get a point for inviting them to the network.

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