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Geodesy: The science which treats mathematically the figure, form, and size of the earth. This Geodesy Community is for sharing resources and experiences in Geodesy and Geodetic Surveying anywhere in the world

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Geodesy Community

Geodesy: The science which treats mathematically the figure, form, and size of the earth.

Geodetic Surveying: Is that branch of surveying which takes into account the size and shape of the earth. Geodetic surveying addresses the three dimensional aspects of the world (curvature of the earth) and four dimensional aspects of the points in the space-time continuum. Sophisticated instrumentation and procedures are employed in order to attain specific accuracies and precisions. Also, advanced and sophisticated computing techniques are required. Geodetic surveying may require knowledge and training in aspects of physical, engineering, and geophysical sciences in order to complete assignments.

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Geodetic Institute Hanover

by Tim K. This is the building of the geodetic institute of the university in Hanover, Germany. This is where I study. At the left you can see a little tower with a pillar on top where you can set up for example a theodolite or a total station.


by Arnel M. Domag Surveying and mapping a wide area like subdivision requires the employment of Geodesy to effectively consider earth's ellipsoidal shape. Me discussing the importance of Geodesy for a subdivision project to a group of engineers working for one of the leading developers in Davao City.


by Arnel M. Domag These lots were surveyed in the 1960's using local coordinate system which was transformed into grid system using the Map Projection Utility that I developed employing the 7 parameter transformation technique. Overlaps and overshoots were technically resolved. Scale factor, convergence, t-T correction, and CAD plotting are fully automatic.

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