We have recently acquired an eBee plus and interested in others experience and tips in optimizing the workflow in Agisoft, in particular using a geoid model where the local geoid model is not well defined (outside South Africa) We always use accurate ground control points to verify results. The geoid model is fairly well defined in South Africa with an accuracy or standard deviation of 7cm. Has anyone used a geoid specific to Africa and verified against true orthometric heights, and if so where?

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Hi Anthony,

I can't help you in regards to the Geoid models in South Africa, however I am in the process of launching a new small business processing aerial imagery on behalf of the clients who have taken the images when they are to far out of the area for me to fly and capture the imagery for them.

What is your experience like processing the images with Photoscan?

I have been refining the process over the last 2 years and finally feel like I have the best, consistent method.

I'm happy to share some tips with you if you have questions.

Or, alternatively, if you want highly detailed responses or would like me to take care of the processing from start to finish, just let me know and we can discuss further. 

Kind regards,



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