Archiving survey plans and job files

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Archiving survey plans and job files

My group is about how to archive survey plans in a land surveyor practise and also to archive the job files.

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the surve office is full

Hi, getting back to the archiving of survey plans, that is what I started to do today. Our files go back to when the office opened in 1913 in Vancouver, BC, Canada. Today I started on the first folder and removed any duplicate survey plans. I have to go through 13 cabinets of survey plans and remove any duplicates which will be thrown out. After that is done the next step will be to start scanning all these files to the server. After that we will through out all the empty filing cabinets. That will give the survey company more office space since we only moved into to this office in 2001. Most land surveyors stay in one office for 25 years then move out when the rent gets to high.

 The morgue files have been stripped of any survey plans so they will be thrown out as well.

Final question is how long does a land survey company stay in the same office? 30 years maximum?

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Reply by Maurice Heter on April 24, 2014 at 10:19pm

Hi Justin and ePalmetto. Thanks for your comments. Also Justin thanks for the instructions on how to make my discussion group work. Getting back to the filing issue at the office where I work, the main problem is that we are short of space with so many filing cabinets that it is time to scan all the survey plans and after they are scanned dump the survey plans, as well dump our morgue files. The dead job files have had any survey plans removed from them so they are basically files with correspondence only.

Reply by LSU Justin on April 24, 2014 at 7:07pm

Great group idea Maurice.. just to let you know we will be migrating our entire network to a new and improved platform, which will add a lot of functionality to this group.  There are even talks of an integrated cloud archiving system.  But for now here are a couple of tips regarding the advise you seek. 

No one is going to be able to see the comment you left below unless they join the group.  No one will join the group until there are discussions rolling through it, so your best bet is to +Start a new Discussion above and ask specifically for what you are looking for in detail.  Also, since you are the moderator of this group, you should click the Add Text button above and add more details about what you hope to accomplish within this group so that members will get interested in joining the group and contributing.  Welcome and looking forward to helping you transform this group into a productivity booster for you and other surveyors interested in the best practices for archiving survey files.

Reply by Maurice Heter on April 23, 2014 at 3:44pm

The picture for this group is taken at Goose Lake, Nunavut, Canada.

I hope someone has some comments on archiving survey files.


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