In the site calibration menu of the TSC2, the software is asking me for a "GNSS point name", right below where I specify a "Grid point name" ...I add the grid point from a list points I've imported into the current job, that were supplied by a third party (USACE Eng. Battalion)....I want to proof their work before I base is setup at a random location, I've used the "HERE" function to get a rough location of my base, but I'm trying to "tie down" it's location and continue on with my survey so I can check the remaining control points.....I can't get any further than the "GNSS point name box".....I've tried just inputing a # or a description, but it wont take options are, List, Wildcard Match, fast fix & measure.....what is it asking for and how can I give the program what it needs....when i entered the points in the control file, there was no option to specify a GNSS point name.....thanks to whomever can assist me with this conundrum....Kevin

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I think that it won't tie down the base location until you 'finish the calibration'  If you are unsure of the work of others I would continue shooting their points and add them to your cal.  Then before you finish, you should be able to 'edit calibration components' and view the horizontal and vertical residuals and see how their points check between themselves, THEN tie down your base.  Otherwise you shot one point and you want to tie your base down and you might have used the one bad point that they busted. Hopefully this helps.


Ahhh, I remember.  I believe the part you are stuck on is requiring you to rename the point with "_GPS" after the point name.  It would then store the Lat, Long, Ht with that _GPS designation, and use that data to 'fit' your local coordinate network.. . . That should work, I hope you resolve this issue and let us know what you find out. Thanks.

Thanks Dean.....what I wasn't getting was that I could enter a GNSS point name....and I used same point name as my calibration point but I also added -obs on the end of the description....then I hit the right arrow fly-out next to the box and selected "measure"....that was all there was to it.....I auto store the point and then add more points to my calibration list performing the same input for all points....just adding -obs (for observed point).....I checked my residuals and solved it....then staked out the remaining control points and nailed them within hundredths....thanks for your willingness to assist.....let's keep in touch..... [email protected]

just to claryfy :)

The grid point is point in your coordinate system and GNNS point is point in wgs84 system. When you use that system of calibration you say instrument ok heare is point on my coordinate system (inported point) and that point is exactly the same as recorded point (in wgs84 system). Then software can calculate transformation in real time of all others recorded points. Software use transformation from wgs84 system and transforms that coord in your system :)

I hope this was helpful

Bojan Petkovic


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