This is my first time posting on this forum, wish i would had found it sooner! Looking forward to contributing and learning.

Basically im a graduate site engineer looking after a piling job, I have been using TBC to generate setting out information for staking on site from the design. I need to be producing ongoing As-builts to submit to the client as pile driving progresses to prove that we are within spec.

I intend to record co-ordinates and import them into TBC, I have a file created with the setting out information and I want to have one master file with the As-built data on a different layer. Currently when I import the "as-built" points they are just in the "points" drop down. Is there anyway to separate the points out into different classes such as design, staked, as-built, existing ground levels, ect?

I might be worth saying I am using a Lecia CS15 so am limited to ID,E,N,Elv,Code imported from CSV.

Hope someone can help!


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Sorry Sam, I used tbc for the 1st time this evening and that was only because I needed to create a dtm for my patio to upload on to the tsc3!... We use N4ce I'm afraid. Best of luck
It does a great job of making surfaces! Wish I was using a tsc3 again, a CS15 is slow and doesn't handle DTMs very efficiently. Thanks anyway

In TBC one may also create and modiify layers and by editing the properties of points determine which layers they are located.

TBC can also import RW5 format, if that helps.


Amazing! thank-you very much that did the job! Please excuse my ignorance but what is a RW5 file and can Viva export them?

Sam - I found the best efforts were to build a codes list with line attributes, following the Intl. CADD standards in doing so provides the adaptability needed in multiple layering and drafting/design needs. It truly depends on the deliverable.

By this do you mean use the feature code attributes to distinguish the points and make it easier to separate them into layers later? For example for as-built positions: PCL-Pile centre line or T.O.P-Top of pile? thanks

i been working with Carlson software and it´s awesome to divide in layers and to work as-built, if you work a lot that way i strongly recomend the software, you can give it a try for free in the carlson page try field to finish, but your points have to be coddified, but doing that is easy, a quick read of carlson manual will give you a lot of information, the best of luck¡¡¡

Sorry Sam

Working on Model Maker. It is difficult enough to work on this one only, TBC not my strong point. All the best!

I would like to have a look at Carlson however it is just another thing to get my head around, plus it is very expensive (not that TBC is not). If I get a change I will have a play, cheers !


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