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Did someone noticed that the old receivers from trimble are affected by some bug in the last few days, their GPS time is delayed to late 1996 so it's impossible to use their raw data to create baselines with new generation of receivers? Any help?

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You should get it's newest firmware.
For example, 5700 you can use ver.2.23.
You can find on the Trimble web site.

If you have done.You could change the raw data into rinex data then rewrite its date that are written in text.

Yes I was suspecting firmware problem, but in order to use the last firmware, the receiver warranty date must be current at the date of release, old receivers are not éligible for this firmware.

Yes, my friend had this problem near the same dates, I am testing my 4700 with an R8 now.  Wow! does anyone know why this is happening? The only solution I come up with is it must have been embedded in the receiver. Hopefully this doesn't last and we appreciate any input from fellow 4700 users....I will post my test results as well.

I think it must be linked to firmware bug, if your receiver is eligible to the last firmware update try it, then see, hope trimble will publish a fix for that soon. 

Hi, I have the latest firmware in my 4700 ver. 1.30, tested the receiver and sure enough the file date was July 1996 just like my friends. I guess I better look for another 5800 as I only do static work.

Perhaps it is GPS timing crossover?

I had this same problem with my AOA receivers and was able to convert the data using TEQC to Rinex then process the baselines. A pain, but I did not have to buy new equipment.

Hello, you are right, I happand because 1023 weeks have passed after 1996 year.

1023 is magic number as you know.

For receivers 5700 and 5800 you can try to install the latest FW 2.32 (if your receivers have warranty date 1 December 2004) , for receivers R3, 4600, 4700, 4800 you have to wait FW or any patch from Trimble.

Also you can change the dates via TEQC:

teqc.exe -tr d -week 2016:02:17 +nav filename.nav filename.DAT >filename.obs

-tr means Trimble

d - DAT file

+nav - make ephemeris file .nav

-week 2016:02:17 (yyyy:mm:dd) - time of observations

Better to install far manager or total commander for using TEQC.


OK Will try it many thanks.

Hi Arthur, thanks! Updating firware resolved the problem but I couldnt change the date for the data I already collected using the teqc, I got an error I think I missed something I'm not familiar with teqc.
Hi, you can send me your files and I'll try to make it correct.

Thanks Arthur for your help, actually I fixed my trimble dat files with a tool made by another great guy John, here :

whats up whith rtk system in 4700 trimble????


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