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Exact version not sure. Translate..When is this necessary and why? Rotate..Translate needed or not is there a step by step of what points you rotate around? Be it from a record reference given to you by your office in your recon, a job you create yourself in the field with gps points set yourself?  You need to traverse and adjust having no existing control? Falls in create your self I guess. Could do this all day long with my caveman cogo/drawing software at home. With this software in the field I'm lost. Hope makes sense.

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 Hi Joseph , I have been in them with buttons and before buttons. Lived in Army tents for months on the Mississippi River, on a Island, only went to town once a week. The only thing that we had that was electric, was our U.S. Government Army Corps of Eng. Radio, It held 24, D batteries.While doing this survey, ran into a team of Canadians  Surveyors,Scientist and also had Mounties, with them, making a historic trip on Canadians waters,and then down the Mississippi River,to New Orleans, This involved thousands of miles on Rivers in canoes. They stayed with us for two days. We also seen them many more times because we were also on the move down the river. I have also put a field book in my mouth, just to keep it above the water , hands would be full  carrying every thing else . In Florida I tried to swim a river, with a transit, ended up looking like a submarine periscope, next we put it in the Ibox, and then floated it across on life preservers (life jackets), this meant we were swimming, gators everywhere, could have made a Tarzan Movie. Had to deal with Black Bears and Panthers. Mommy bear , charged us and a panther,would not give up following us,no matter what we did, he would not leave. Snakes ,they were the biggest problem,but you just learn how to deal with them. Seen one guy cut his arm off and a Party Chief Drown. It is not always fun and games but the job must be done.Yes I surveyed living in tents,and we dared to go where nobody else had been, but what a adventure and the animals and things we saw. Everybody needs a little Swamp. Then back to the City, but it's not safe either.

What you have done and seen in your life amazes me. I have no words to say Billy. I hope we can be friends have a lot can learn form you. I know every thing you said. I know why. I am same. 

Billy truly is my honor to meet you!! I would love to hear all you have seen and done. I know swamps in our state stuff I guess you and me have seen over so many years. Didn't know how much more you have seen. I am sorry for the lose of members in anyway, lose of life not had to deal with others yes. Billy really would like to talk with you. You have seen and done more than I ever have. I could talk with you all day. Don't know web stuff to good can I add you a friend? New at this is ok try?

Billy are you in NC?

 Hi Joseph, No ,I am a few light years from you, No i am in Dallas ,Texas I have lived everywhere. I have surveyed 16 states, NC. one of them, If you click on my pic it will take you to my profile page,as the same with you, I went to yours and click on associates,but every time i do this nothing works, I do not have one on my page ??. NC is a very beautiful  State.  I loved it when I was there. A long time ago worked on the Coast most of the time,did go inland some. Thank you for your friendship,sometimes it is hard to find. So i keep my gun powder dry, as the old saying goes and my machete sharp.  Hope that Hurinado Matthew does not come your way,if so take care. We have Softball size hail out here,with everything else. Stay in touch,try the Associates thing ,mine does not work.


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