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R7 with ashtech li gps/glonass antenna with survey pro 5.42 on tsc2

I just acquired an r7 with an ashtech gps/glonass l1 antenna. I am trying to run it with survey pro version 5.42 and when I try to start a survey I get an error message that states "cmr receiver requires a valid antenna type (zephyr or zephyr geodetic". Is there a setting in the tsc2 that I need to change for it to recognize this antenna? Or are they just not compatible? I would think they are compatible because I can see the gps and glonass satelites on the skyview in survey pro. Thanks.

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The easy answer is to find a zephyr antenna. Shouldn't be too hard.


Is it still happen if you set correction type as RTCM?

Hi, you can set ADVNULLANTENNA or unknown antenna in the setting, but in this way you have to take into account distance between ARP and PC (phase center). Because if you set height of antenna 2m really the height will be 2m+offset. This offset you can find on antenna label and of course you ought to check all coordinates by known point for control.

One more moment, check signal to noise by L2 on the satellite table, really I'm not sure that R7 can track L2 with this antenna.

Good point! I think that is what I will do thanks


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