I've been using Trimble Survey Controller 12.5 on a TSC2 with an old Zephyr/5700/5800/Trimark III setup and started setting that DC up to use with my Leica TCA1101+ total station today.  I have a new Trimble 360 prism with a +2mm offset.

Straightforward, right?

I'm confused, though, about the prism settings in the DC.  I set the instrument to my Leica and it asks for the prism offset, from what I understand, Leica calls a 0 offset "34.4mm", so would my Trimble 360 (+2mm) be set to 36.4?  It's a Leica instrument, but Trimble DC software and prism.

And/or, is there a way to verify this with shots?



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I just went through a similar exercise with our crews and equipment.We run an old Geodimeter 650 with 360 mini prism (6mm prism constant) and a Leica TPS1201 with a Lieca 360 passive tracking prism. Additionally, we use flat, SECO prisms (0 and 30 offset) for backsights. We needed to be able to reliably use all glass with either instrument.

See attached file for info. Hope it helps.

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Thanks.  I think that does help.  I'm just a little concerned that Trimble may recognize that when setting up a Leica instrument in their DC software, that you would want to input the Leica Constant... That's less likely, though.  I'll use +2mm (instead of 36.4) until I can make time to set up a measuring test and hope it's not throwing everything off.



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