hello everyone- looking to change my cad program and looking for some feed back on the p.c. survey cad - Thanks Nick

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Its what I used most for my calculations in the office.  Autocad was always so much more than a land surveying program.  The version i used had a few glitches that have probably been worked out by now.  I had someone hold my hand for a few hours to get to know the basics and then it was fairly straightforward with a decent owner's manual.  I don't feel like its plat-making capabilities, as far as the graphics printed out, were nearly as 'professional-looking' as Autocad.  I mainly made my drawings to be platted out by a full time draftsman via Autocad.  I may have only used a fraction of all its capabilities.  I would recommend it for sure as far as price and reliability.  

I have used it for 14 years.....also have ACAD 2007....and learned CAD on ACAD 12....PC Survey is very survey friendly and once you learn all the shortcuts you will wonder why you never had it before now....

Looks like an affordable CAD package for surveying with everything a surveyor needs and nothing more. Are there any downsides?

I have used it for 20 years and it's my go to cogo program. I export to AutoCad for
my clients needing that deliverable.
Once in AutoCad the line work requires a lot of editing. I really like the legal writer for my legals.

So have you ordered PC Survey yet?

No I have not -Nick

I don't know much about PC Survey but it seems to be a good program. I favor programs/software that you can own & if I have my druthers, anything that runs on any OS except windows. They pretty much have the market cornered but that is slowly changing. Windows is great for surfing the information spyway or if you want to play games & keep up with your high school classmates but it is a pain for scientific applications. I have been drawing plats & using CAD long before the web existed. It is great for communication but it is a pain for technical computations. Everytime I download coordinate data, the computer wants to know if I want to "save the pictures". So far I have avoided the over priced, over rated CAD program that was designed to make you keep paying for upgrades that do nothing but cost money. I plan to keep it that way. I would be much more inclined to buy PC Survey if they had a version that would run on Linux or Unix.


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