My problem is that I have a new TSC3 and can't get it to connect to the Win 10 PC. The PC is fully up to date with patches, and still can't get the PC to recognise the controller.

  • I have tried turning off the virus and malware protections
  • Downloaded Windows Mobile Device Centre (I know it's for earlier Version but I'm grasping)

Also, Trimble link in Civil 3d can't find the device. 

Any suggestions would be very welcome.



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Hi, you have to manually restart from PC maitenance, Services, Connecting devices with systém Windows Mobile and Windows mobile 2003.

Look for Windows sync center in the control panel for Windows 10. I'm told this is the solution.
Check if 32 or 64 bits windows

it's 64 bit :)

I had this problem also. Just had to uninstall and install Windows Mobile Device Centre (aka ActiveSync) a couple of times. After a lot of perservering it worked but I also realised when I plugged the USB into the computer, it had to go into the same port everytime. Might just be something to note when connecting the controller.
Ours are a nightmare.... It's windows!
Sometimes it is fine other times it's a case of using another USB port... Roll on the Android version

restart the computer

Hate to say it.

but Latest windows Updated broke the connection


If you have any device that use Windows Mobile Center (Trimble Rangers or Spectra Rangers).

You will not be able to connect.

I was able to fix it with the following help from these websites.

I hope they help you.


Windows Mobile Device center stops working after Windows 10 1703 up...

Windows Mobile Device Centre

View Resources Usage by Individual Services in Windows 10 Creators ...

and also you may have to Turn off Advance connection setting in the Ranger.. under setting.. connection setting ,,  to Pc.

That workaround has done the trick Stephen, albeit it a little clunky.  

Now if I can get Trimble Link to work.... wow I've only had this controller a day!

Thanks for your help


I had the same problem with windows 10 and a TCU. Then I had to workaround the issue with the installation of a newer version of windows sync center. Somehow it worked but then I had 2 activesync versions in the same machine...

Trimble link was useless after the windows 10 upgrade. Can´t say why but we're talking about windows, an ocult science.

I never worked with TSC3 but can you make windows see the controller as an external device, as a pendrive?

The workaround has made me able to see the controller as an external drive now, but now Trimble Link won't connect to it.




Paul said, "'s windows".

I believe Paul has a point. I am making every effort to avoid Windows 10. Windows 10 was never designed to run technical scientific programs such as GPS post processing which is generally in Rinex format. It is essentially an electronic gossip fence designed for facebook & twitter in part & part an electronic pinball machine, in other words a toy. However, the primary focus is marketing & selling you something, ie:" the information spyway". It is modified to run other types of applications but they generally don't run efficiently. The answer of course is to offer the consumer options so he can pick the computer he wants but that's too much trouble & costs too much. Actually, surveying & engineering is such a small part of microsoft's market, we aren't even on their radar screen. They have the computer market in their pocket & they don't care. My strategy is, "just say no to windows".


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