Hi fellow surveyors. I have a Carlson BRx5 GNNS L1/L2 gps rover which I normally use in areas with NTRIP base stations. I would like to know if there is a way of getting the BRx5 to communicate with my old Trimble 4000SSE base using the CMR+ data format. The normal format for data is RTCM3.1 but the Trimble 4000 can only output RTCM2. It is capable of transmitting CMR+ though. If it is at all possible to match the two, does CMR+ influence the accuracy of the fix.

Simon Griffith

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Dear Mr. Griffith,

The CMR is a proprietary format created by Trimble. The structure was made public and so other manufacturers were able to utilize it. CMR+ has further enhancements for GLONASS &c. and will often cause problems when a rover of another manufacturer receives it.

That said, if I remember correctly, the SSE was a GPS only receiver, in which case there is no benefit to using CMR+. I would try RTCM because it should have the highest probability of success.

Good luck.


Thank you for your reply Anthony, every bit of information helps. I will persevere with RTCM.




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