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I am looking for a good gps android app for doing boundary retracement.  Locate a position on first found corner and then enter direction and distance to establish waypoints to navigate through the woods.


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Yea, I can relate to that. I have technically been my own boss for the bulk of the last 40 years. The only exception was a brief interruption due to the big economic recession  of the year 2000+/-  & a divorce. Being self employed doesn't make you your own boss. Working for a client can be far more stressful than working for a supervisor. I had one job where the client wanted a tree survey, topo. & boundary. It was covered with small pines except for along the property lines.He said he wanted all the trees surveyed. I told him, "tell you what, I am going to give you a quote for all the trees & one for just the trees 1' in diameter & larger". He decided he didn't need all that pulpwood surveyed real fast.

hi john you can use  : 

Trimble GPS Hunt Pro

Just recently I went to a rollout for a Total Station and I had asked that question. Currenty there apps that do just that, but they have an accuracy of 30 foot radius. So if accuracy is what you want you wont get it with an android app. It will only be as accurate as the cell itself. One way to test the accuracy of a survey type app is to mark out a known amount of feet, lets say 50 feet apart, ping the location of the first point, take the readings, and repeat the previous steps with the second point. Then do the math and you should be able to determine the accuracy of the app.

Good way to get a response, but I thought this was another " trick " ???. like solve a chord with just the Delta Angle. To many years with a compass I guess!!! and what kind of Boundary Retracement on a phone. I know your only using it for direction but what are you using to survey with.

 I guess I am lost.

sorry, I see you already answered this. but you might talk to William Robinson,

he knows a lot about these Apps. he is a member of this site.

Compute points in autocad 1 through whatever range (1- 999), export to your data collector, Go to the field find and collect 2 points on the ground in your state plane system, number them 1 = 2001, 2 = 2002. Translate your (1-999) group from 1 to 2001. Rotate your (1-999} group to your (2001-2002) group. old bearing 2001-2, new bearing 2001-2002) all computed points are now state plane in your area.  plot on georef aerial photo. Find an opening in the area of the point you are looking for set two points and traverse conventionally or measure as a baseline up and over to find the point.



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