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I am a Field/Project Engineer working for a ground improvement contractor around the United States. On some of our jobs we do our own survey work (primarily with a GPS setup but I have used a total station). I took one class in college that taught survey techniques/methods and have learned a lot on the job from professional surveyors with other companies, but I think that I need some more education to really apply some new ways of thinking as my company expands into surveying.

I'm not necessarily looking to take extensive classes to become a professional surveyor, but rather a week long seminar that can help increase my understanding of surveying techniques from a beginner to moderate level. Something that is a little heavier on the side of GPS surveying would be nice as well.

Does anybody have any suggestions on organizations in the U.S. that offer this type of class/training?

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I suggest that you attend some land surveying conferences (continuing education or fellowship/service associations like TSPS) in the specific areas of the country where you are working. Every state and city will have their own laws and ordinances as well as provincial styles and techniques for documentation of your work and research.

It sounds like you know just enough to be a major liability to your organization in a surveying capacity. It is commendable that you are publicly recognizing the limits of your abilities and seeking to learn more. You probably won't learn to survey in a week. Usually it takes at least two or three.

If your role is more along the lines of construction layout than determining property boundaries than you will also gain a better understanding of the technical aspects of the surveying equipment at the LS conferences. There are usually local vendors for equipment and training services who you can add to your network.

I was a field engineer once. It's different than practicing land surveying.

Thanks for the words of wisdom David. I'll definitely check out some conferences and try to expand my connections/contacts.

Be prepared to hired a qualified consultant to spend a week with you (share the costs by adding students?).

A good professional instructor will not be cheap but quality instruction cannot be over-valued.

I find that it is also very rewarding to be able to share professional instruction. It is how the best professionals pass on a profession to protégés. Once we become competent, we owe our profession to share its secrets with up-and-coming peers.


If your company is planning on expanding into surveying, as you stated. Then I recommend that you hire a qualified surveyor.

+1 Samuel Diaz

Agreed. We have some qualified people in the company already; however, they are already spread thin doing other things. Thanks for the reply!

This is great Mr. Cavell. I'll have to look into this for sure!

I can will help you, but my location in Belarus!))If you  gonna to Belarus, welcome!In Belarus it is simple and free!If you real want to know how work surveyor! When I was studies  in recent years I find people, (engineer surveyor), and some times help him, and teach!! In my country general experience, documents that second) 

Do you know where I can take a weekend class to be an engineer? I'm just pulling your leg but maybe you get my drift. You might learn the basics of being a layout man in a few days but not to be a professional land surveyor. The State of S.C. once said in it's infinite wisdom, surveying is not engineering & engineering is not surveying. It has also been said that the professional aspect of land surveying is applying boundary law to the art of retracement, or words to that effect. That is still pretty much a true statement but things are changing at an exponential rate. We don't often pull a chain these days. I still have plumb bobs but I can't remember when I last used one. I have been taking continuing education courses on GPS & Geodetic Surveying since the 80's & have read a number of books, but I haven't even scratched the surface. Surveying today encompasses subject matter that is every bit as complicated & as technical as any engineering discipline. I have wondered if Surveying was headed towards being defined as an engineering discipline. Perhaps it would be better aligned with one of the mapping sciences like geodetic science but I believe boundary law will be at the heart of boundary retracement indefinitely.

Completely understand where you're coming from Charlie. I am not attempting to become a professional surveyor in a week's time, but rather get some good information under my belt (and the belts of my coworkers) to properly/intelligently contribute to a conversation with a professional surveyor. Just somewhere to start so that I can have a good base.

All, if anybody has experience in teaching a "short course" or is interested in giving it a shot, please direct message me with your resume or CV and I can bring it to my supervisor for discussion. As Charlie said, I won't be a Professional Surveyor in a weeks time but I'd just like to learn enough to work underneath a professional and have intelligent conversations on the matter.



TIm, I send you a connection request and InMail on LinkedIn. I couldn't PM you on here because we're not connected her yet. Anyway, I'd love to talk to you about doing some training for your company. So, email me your contact info to [email protected] and I'll send you some info.



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