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Do any one know which side of the Leica total station ts11 is for measuring the instrument hight, During station setup?
Cuz there are different amount when measure from BM under instrument to point market on the up left and right side of the ts11.

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Use the mark that coincides with the vertical axis of the scope.
Leica usually has a dot/hole that you measure to on only one side.
Use the mark that coincides with the HORIZONTAL axis of the telescope.
I agree with Hunter above. I just Googled the leica ts11 & viewed the instrument. On the same side as the battery, there is a singular "dot" above the battery, on the same level as the middle eyepiece. ENJOY.

Yeah, but every of them give the deference height, I think one of them should be the correct one.  

U have to measure center of the eyepiece frm any suitable side......


the two dots are at the same height when the instrument is good levelled.

Otherwise, the rotation axis of the telescope can't be horizontal and both horizontal and vertical angle will be wrong.

The slightly (I hope ...) differences You found are related to the difficult of measuring the vertical height with a meter tape.

The better way is using the GHT196 holder with GHM007 tape meter. Is expensive, but very precise.


Carlo Alberto


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