You may remember the Free Surveying Company Template that Justin created last year.  This template made it super simple for surveyors with no website to easily create a website by adding the template to your gmail account, customizing it to your liking and then mapping it to your domain of choice.  Well if you currently have no website, you'll be happy to know that Justin and I have created an entirely new Surveying Company Website template for you to use in the same way.  Simply head over to the Free Surveying Company Template(while signed into your Google Account) and click "Use This Template."   I'm about to save you about $1000!

Installing Website

Instructions in Simple Terms

Simply use this template while signed into your gmail account (get one here) and customize the template however you like including your own branding.

  • Delete the pages you do not want
  • Customize the pages you do want to keep
  • Include your own adsense account and make money with traffic or delete the adsense
  • Integrated Google+ Buttons
  • Integrated Blog for your surveying company
  • All of the major pages such as ABOUT, CONTACT, SERVICES, TESTIMONIALS, COMPANY HISTORY and more are already created and search engine optimized.  Simply map the site to your own domain in 5 minutes and all pages automagically snap into place!
  • Backlink from Land Surveyors United to your new site for greater search engine optimization!
  • As easy as writing a word document
  • Easily map your customized website to your own domain!
  • Support Group for Asking Questions Here
  • Get me to build it for you!
  • Don't forget to delete the Help Pages from your site!

Follow These Steps Towards Quick Customization:

Using Your Logo

Adding your Logo

Customize Contact Us Page

Contact Us Page Customization

Integrated Company Blog

Integrated Company Blog

About Us Page

 Customizing About Us

Learn How To Customize This Template


Learn How to Map This Template to a Domain


NOTE: The only thing I request is that somewhere within your site you keep a link back to Land Surveyors United so that other surveyors will know about this valuable resource.


If you decide to use this free template, please drop a link to your site below in the comments along with any questions you have regarding customization, images, etc.   I am also available for logo design services or advanced customization of your website if you find that you need assistance. If you simply do not care for this design and would like something different all together, get in touch with me and lets discuss. I've personally built close to a hundred of these sites for small businesses, so the possibilities are endless....and my services will always be affordable for LSU members.  I understand times are tough and this site is being provided to land surveyors in order to ease the burden of having to pay a web developer to design something for your company.  If you find this to be valuable to your surveying company,you might consider dropping a donation to Land Surveyors Unitedin whatever amount you can afford, which will of course go back into the further development of this network.


Drop questions about customizing this template below and enjoy!

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Hope you all enjoy this website template.  Feel free to ask any questions you might have below!

Thank you,Justine !

I am really a fossil in terms of PR through the Internet, however be  

ready for a good bunch of stupid Q about building the site.

By the way,my Skype address is meeng95.

Thanks again.

Michael Elbert

this one is AWESOME!  great work guys....

i gathered some great looking sites to look at which were made using Google sites:

BandB Surveying of Houston TX

Ty Olinghouse PLS

Survey Earth in a Day

ePalmetto Surveying Equipment Store

Surveying Documents Library

St. Croix Land Surveying and Engineering LLC

another note on this free template...  This website template allows for you to have COMPLETE CONTROL over your web presence.  The total cost for getting this site up and running is the cost of a domain name [find a domain here and register it with godaddy for less than $10 use promo code  cjc25New at checkout for 25% off].  Hosting is free for your site from Google.  Simply map your site to your domain using the instructions given within the template and your site will be hosted using google's servers.

All pages are editable using the ultra simple WYSIWYG Editor!

Three new pages added to help you find your way around:

Learn How to Customize the Sidebar of the Website

Here is a video containing some valuable tricks and tips for modifying your template:


Global Trade organization for Professional Land Surveyors and Geospatial Pros. Frictionless GeoCollaboration Surveying Forum and Groups

Surveyor Hubs and Tags

Surveyor Community Hubs For World Regions

Surveying Hubs For US States

Social Support For Equipment

Surveying Photos by Tag

Surveying Videos by Tag

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+ Surveyor Sharer

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