Hi Forum,

my name is zainul land surveyor from indonesia

this is my first post in this forum and first share my spreadsheet as well

i made user define functions (udf) saved in excel addins (*.xla) to calculate cut and fill area.

Attached file is zipped file consists of 2 files, one file is xla and the other one is sample of cross section charts. There are 2 (two) UDF in addins, named xCatchPoint() to obtained left and right coordinates of "catch points" and UDF xCutFill to calculate cut and fill area.

Cross section samples consist of two cross sections and resume for volume calculation.

please feel free to download it. lets discuss for further development.

I also posted this spreadsheet on My Blog , in "bahasa indonesia"



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Great template... very helpful. I am designing a pond with a 3:1 grade... How can I change B10 and C10 to reflect this? Thanks!


input =1/3 both on B10 and C10 to reflect grade of V:H = 3:1

Okay, so I've entered 3:1 and it didn't change the graph. I'm wanting to make the graph look like a mound instead of a cone, since I am designing a pond. Any ideas?

Great work Zainul, wish it can by converted to English for my understanding, thx

rev.01 since the previous file contains calc. error at the right catch point..

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thanks dear

Dear Assalam u Aalikum,
your attached file contain error plz upload new and fresh file.


wa'alaikum salaam

i just uploaded the revised one

Please Note that above file is damaged, please upload a fresh copy of that xls file

a good program it is, actually i have writtensome too but would upload mine soonest

looking forward for uploading your file. thanks

please re-download, i've just upload the new one.


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