I am a student in a small surveying course as a local community college

We were given a used Trimble recon II N324 device but no battery charger

I tried searching the Trimble site, but to no avail for any information on the charger.

There are four considerations I need to know


polarity (is the center post positive or negative)

diameter of center post hole

diameter of external ground shield that forms the outside of the plug

Can anyone help me?

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I believe it's the same as the TDS recon. $35 on Ebay.

ebay, i like the ones that take AA batteries and theyre about $100

if you find ones for $35 please post the link

oops i thought he was looking for a battery not charger, the charger is 5 volt 1 amp center + dont know the dia.

Hi Bradley,

Thank you for responding.  Do you know the answer because you have an old recon II 324 or because you imagine that the battery charger for the recon II N324 is similar to xxx

Check with the nearest Trimble support/repair department.


Hi William,

I will add this to Mr. Cavell's. You can go to this link on Trimble's site also, TDS is now Spectra.

Trimble has a data base known as Knowledge Center.  This is Spectra's link under support.

 They are the same company Trimble owns it. You can also contact them on contact us.

Someone will help you and tell you what you need.


Hi Billy,

thank you for encouraging me to access spectr KB
Previous to my posting I had actually searched the data base to no avail.

But your encouragement made me try it a second time.

It takes awhile for my old old laptop to generate the entire search
page. If one is impatient (me) it turns out that I had not waited for the page
to complete for the first search effort.Hence I used the first search box
that appeared instead of one that I should have used and was revealed at a later time.

The second time around, I found two incredible articles. One on the rechargable
batteries and their performance and the second defining the part number of the charger
I sought.  The Battery information was extraordinary. I gained a very healthy respect
for Trimble engineers.



For those who may have been looking for the exact same information I was, here are the
critical facts:

The battery charger pn:  67101-02-spn

the charger voltage is 5 vdc and provides 1 amp of current
The Barrel dia is 5.5 mm and the pin hole is 2.5 mm and has a length of 9 mm

The technology is nickel metal hydride.
requires 12 hours of charging if the battery was drained.

many factors effect the battery life. the article above explains all of them in detail.

Thank you again, Billie

 Hi William,

 No Thank you for the shout back.  I checked my Recon Manual and all the papers with it

and it has none of this information you needed, mine is TDS but they are similar .  I have used TDS for many years they are now Spectra but are run by the same people. They became part of Trimble in 2000, I think ? .

So they are a part of Trimble family so is Nikon. I remembered your electrical title so I knew you would not

have no problems on the spec. Glad I could help. With your info you may help others.


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